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Strapack manufacturers the highest quality machines and strapping. Most don't realize many strapping machine brands are made by third party companies, reducing consistency and parts availability. Strapack manufactures all of their machines and parts, yielding the most durable strapping machines on the market.

RQ-8X Bottom Seal Machine

RQ-8Y Side Seal Machine

JK-5000 Economy Machine

Strapack RQ-8X Strapping Machine Available at Pemco Inc.
Pemco Offers the Strapack JK-5000 Strapping Machine

RQ-8IR3 Mail Tray Machine

AQ-7M Seafood Machine

RQ-7000M Seafood Machine

Strapack RQ-8IR3 Strapping Machine Available at Pemco Inc.
Pemco Inc. offers the Strapack AQ-7M Strapping Machine
Strapack RQ-7000M Strapping Machine available at Pemco Inc.