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Giró is the worldwide benchmark in the fruit and vegetables packaging. A brand with over 50 years' experience in research and development. Innovation to maintain the essence of fresh produce.

Double Lane Counter CL2R

  • • Giro CL2R counter is Designed for Citrus Fruits, Lemons, Limes, Clementines, Onions, Apples, Avocados, Bulbs and Garlic.
  • • It has a Dual Reading System: by Photocell (direct reading) and by Sensor (by pinion steps). In this way, the Unit Count of the Pieces is Guaranteed to be Accurate, even if the Pieces are Large and Rub Together in Spite of Travelling on Different Rollers.
  • • There is a Wheel to Control the Rotation of the Rollers in 3 Different Ways: Backwards Rotation, No Rotation and Forward Rotation.
  • • It Includes Frequency Inverters with an Acceleration Ramp on Starting the Process and Braking Ramp on Stopping. This Prevents the Product Falling Backwards.
  • • Variable Output Depending on Grade and Shape of the Fruit or the Feed Rate.
Giro Produce Packaging Brochure
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