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Giro is the worldwide benchmark in the fruit and vegetables packaging. A brand with over 50 years' experience in research and development. Innovation to maintain the essence of fresh produce.

Static Weigher PEG14/120

Giro Static Weigher PEG
  • • The PEG-14/120 FD is a 14 Bucket Static Weighing Machine. Particularly Designed to Weigh a Wide Range of Soft Fruit, Offering a Good Performance from Small to Large Weights. It`s Maximum Ouptut, up to 45 bpm, is ideal for feeding 2 GB/UB Soft Machines.
  • • Capable of Operating With a Wide Range of Soft Fruit Such as Apples, Tomatoes, Avocados, Peaches with a Maximum Diameter Size of 3.54".
  • • Static Weighing Technology with 14 Weighing Buckets, in Line.
  • • Rotary Brushes and Soft-Hair Coated Vibrating Channels for Gentle and Impact-Free Product Handling.
  • • Discharge System to Baggers Via 2 Conveyor Belts with Soft-Hair Coating.
Giro Static Weigher Brochure
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