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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Defender HP


Defender HP Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Samuel Defender HP is a high profile pallet stretch wrapping machine. Complete with pre-stretch carriage from 50 to 300% ( 200% standard). Standard model will carry 4000 Lbs. with many options including up to 6000 Lbs. table, and extensions for both tall and wide loads.



Samuel STA-550 Automatic Pallet Wrapping System

The Samuel STA-550 Automatic Stretch- Wrapper is a fully automatic conveyorized system with both infeed and exit conveyors. The center turntable can automatically wrap and secure pallets while staging the next pallet and a finished pallet. This machine can also be set up with a "rope down " feature allowing you to utilize 20" stretch film while allowing your produce to breath..

Rotoplat 708
Robopac Rotoplat The Robopac Rotoplat 708 Stretch Wrapper is a perfect fit for small and mid sized companies. Equipped with a fully programmable touch screen capable of setting range from start point, reinforcement wraps, pre-strech from 105% up 400%, and many more custom per pallet design. Low profile turntable making it easy for loading. Optional roping to strengthen and allow airflow through the pallet.
Technoplat 707
Robopac Technoplat The Robopac Technoplat 707 Stretch Wrapper has many of the features of the Rotoplat 707 with a few additions. This is an automatic stretch wrapper with keyless remote start, film clamp, cut and film swipe system allowing the operator to simply set the pallet down, press a button, and pick it up letting the machine do the rest. Nice additions to a very reliable stretch wrapping machine allowing the operator to increase production.