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Automatic Strapping Machines



Strapack RQ8

Unique self-correcting mechanisms are adopted for easy operation.  Empty strap loops are automatically cast  off if the operator straps without a package.  The " Re-feed function" resets the machine to allow for  continued operation if a strap forwarding failure were ever to occur. StraPack's self-lubricating design has an unsurpassed reputation for it's durability and maintenance-free operation.  Ready to operate in less than 25 seconds.  Designed to insure high joint strength...



StraPack RQ-8IR2

Space efficient design with internal reel unit body while utilizing a standard 450 mm O.D. coil. Operation automatically stops when the strap coil is empty plus an optional warning signal is available.  Easy removal of any excess strap ensures uninterrupted operation.  Features automatic resetting of the machine for continuous operation even if a strap forwarding failure were to occur....



StraPack RQ7000

This is the newest strapping machine from StraPack.  This newly designed strapping machine has fewer moving parts, but has the ability to strap at 60 times per Min.  The RQ-8 that has been re-designed to fit the need of a high-speed environment.



StraPack AQ-7

Minimum of 30 cycles per minute. Only 25 seconds required to reach operating temperature.  Newly designed bandway offers accurate strap positioning without twists or miss aligned joints......



StraPack AQ-7M Stainless Side Seal

Minimum of 30 cycles per minute, which is 15% faster than the previous model the SS-80MD. The AQ-7M  provides the speed and dependability seafood and meat processors need in their packaging lines.  With a stainless steel body and parts made of water-resistant materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, the AQ-7M defies rust and corrosion even in the harsh environments.  This moisture protection is reinforced at the bottom of the body which has greater exposure to moisture than other parts of the machine.....

Strapack RQ7000M Stainless Side Seal  for Seafood and Meat Inustries

This machine is is designed for the Seafood and Meat Packing Industries. This is the stainless version of the RQ7000 high-speed automatic strapping machine. Capable of up to 50 straps per minute and used in high moisture environments. Complete with a fully enclosed cabinet to protect components from saltwater runoff , oil and dust.



StraPack RQ-8Y Side Seal

The machine fits any existing or proposed conveyor system without modification, adapts to any conveyor height, and need no special feed -  in equipment.  Operation automatically stops when the strap coil is empty plus an optional warning signal is available.  Easy removal of any excess trap ensures uninterrupted operation.  A programmable microprocessor constantly monitors critical functions.  Any irregularity detected is immediately displayed...



Dynaric D2400

Dynaric's has finally developed a high speed strapper, the D2400.  This completely re-designed strapping machine has a cycle time of 50 straps a minute. Easy loading, auto ejection of loop, removes strap from machine at the end of the roll, this machine's got a lot of new features.



Dynaric D2100

Dynaric's D2100 is a compact model of the D2400.  This machine has much of the same features, with an internal reel.

StraPack JK-5000 Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapack's JK-5000 is the economical strapping machine. Machine can be set up to run 5mm (1/4") to 12mm (1/2") strap.