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Poly Bags

by Elkay Plastics

Gusset and Flat Polyethylene Bags


Low Density

This is your "basic" plastic bag.  These bags are made from virgin polyethylene and comply with FDA requirements for food applications. We have a large selection of sizes and gauges to meet your companies requirements.  These bags can be used for parts and supplies to all food items.  Also, they can be heat sealed.


Flat Polyethylene Bags from Elkay
TUF-R Linear Low Density

This is a similar bag except, these are made from a linear low density resin.  This allows the bag to be made thinner gauge but still has the same strength and puncture resistance.  These are FDA approved as well for use in the food industry.


TUF-R Gusset bags

Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches

Elkay Vacuum Pouches for packaging all types of food products to seal in freshness and flavor.

This product is used mostly in the packaging industry for vacuum sealed products from meat and fish, to poultry and cheese.  These laminated pouches provides high levels of strength and flexibility.  They are perfect for protecting your product from oxygen and moisture, which gives a longer shelf life.  All of these pouches meet FDA and USDA regulations. The three layer blend of nylon, polyethylene, and linear low density resins gives a protective strength and maintains color, freshness, and flavor.