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Sealing Machines




Emplex Bag Sealing Machines

Emplex offers a wide range of bag sealers to fit your company's needs.  Standard sealers for pre-made open mouth bags.  Industrial machinery for higher speeds or semi-automatic and portable sealers.  Emplex  also offers hot air sealers for products witch are dusty and airborne as well as vacuum sealers for air tight packaging.



Damark Sealers and Tunnels

Damark, shrink packaging machines, provide L Bar Sealers and Shrink Tunnels.  If you are looking for just an L Sealer to work with your shrink tunnel, combo machines with both L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel combined, portable, or fully automatic machines that can either be fed manually or by your existing conveyor system.


Aline Sealing Systems

Aline Systems offer systems with a wide range of uses.  Need a sealing machine in the medical industry?  Does your product need to be sealed in tubes?  Box liners??  Look no further.