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Semi-Automatic Machines



StraPack D-53

It provides a broad work space and maximum foot room. Sealing head is located in the right side of the body in order to best utilize the working surface of the table top.  Machine body is small and light, easy to maneuver, yet strong and sturdy for heavy packages....



StraPack JK-2

The JK - 2 records the length of the strap required and feeds exactly the same length automatically for every package.  The operator resets the feed length memory and pulls the strap to the length needed.  Exactly the same length of strap will be fed on the following cycles.


Strapack I-10 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

The I-10 is the perfect compact tabletop strapping machine for office or small shipping operation. Low cost and quiet makes a perfect match for small or start-up businesses.