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Stretch Film


Stretch Film

Stretch Film



HW HAND GRADE  FILM - With the flexibility and strength to meet all your application requirements, this product is capable of stretching several hundred percent.

HH HAND GRADE  FILM - Performance  is comparable to the HW product, plus this product is a  high clarity film.

UH HAND GRADE  FILM - This product is a micron film, low cost, and is a even flow film comparable to both HH and HW films.




ALPHA SERIES (Rotary) - This comprehensive product line offers several distinctly designed products, each with a specific performance criteria:

A-1 - with a stretch level up to 275% and enhanced puncture resistance, making it a better choice for heavy and odd size products such as round containers, rolls of netting, etc.

A-12 - with stretch levels up to 225%, designed for bulk shipping of boxes with uniform size products. (most common used)



All Grades and sizes available, contact for Quote.