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B. H. Bunn

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Simple operation.  The operator positions the package on the front table, then presses the foot trip.  By means of a revolving arm that carries the twine around, the package is secured.  The Bunn Tying machine adjusts automatically adjusts to the size of the package.

With the cycle speed of up to 34 ties per minute, newly designed guard for safety and easy service, Automatic and adjustable tension for reduced product damage, and high strength quality frames, the Bunn Tying machine is useful and reliable in almost any environment.  A wide verity of sizes to choose from available upon request.

Bunn Tying machines are ideally suited for the following applications:

     Printers, publishers, Direct mail operations
     Cartons, boxes, bundles 
     Textiles, garments, and commercial laundries
     Industrial,  furniture, wood products
     Retail, food, pharmaceutical, electronics distribution