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Below are just some of the many supplies that we carry.  If you don't see what your looking for, contact us and let us do the searching for you. 




With so many choices, its hard to know what is best kind of twine to use.  No matter if its polyester, or poly/cotton , 8 ply or 16 ply, we have it on hand and can help you make the right choice in size and in price. Take a look at the common styles and if your looking for something else then let us know so we can better serve you.

Stretch Films

Stretch Film

We work with AEP, one of the leading manufacture's in the stretch film industry.  If its common or hard to find specialty films, we have what your company depends on at a competitive price.  Check what we have and let us quote you.

Shrink Films

Shrink Film, Polyolfin, PVC

We have all the information you need on the various sizes, gauges, and types of shrink film in the industry.  Weather you need PVC or Polyolefin film ,  let us help you to decide which product is best and most cost effective for your company.

Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping

From, hand grade to automatic, low density to high, we have the plastic strap to fit the needs of your company.  From top ranked company's like StraPack and Dynaric, quality in never an issue.  Our goal is to supply you with what you need, at a price that is cost effective.  Take a look at just some of the sizes and types we can offer to you.


We carry seals for steel and plastic strapping as well as buckles. All of are seals are high quality and most common sizes we keep in stock. See what we can supply for your company.

Steel Strapping  
Steel strapping

Looking for steel strapping and knowing what to use can be difficult to determine.  Let us help you to decide what your company needs to secure your products.  We carry all the steel strapping sizes with quality steel from ITW company.  They are known world wide and can always be depended upon to manufacture top quality strap.  Check out some common sizes and strengths

Poly Bags
Poly Bags

We can supply your company with the bags you need.  Polyethylene, Poly Nylon, Polyester, USDA approved, FDA approved, or just a basic plastic bag for parts.  We have it all and we have it ready for you at a great price.

Dispensers & Cutters  
Dispensers and Cutters

We carry common types of dispensers for all of your steel and plastic strapping applications. Here we can show you some of what we have to offer.