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Weighing Machines


Here are just some of the  weighing from GiroPack.  We can custom design any and all the equipment to work together to maximize your productivity and minimize labor cost at  your company's production facility.  


PEG 12  
Giro PEG-12 The Giro PEG-12 is a static wiegher. Deigned for a wide veriety of produce including onions, potatoes, and citrus. 12 indepenedent buckets and advianced algorithms make this weigher able to reach higher production rates verses other weighers of the same type and size. This weigher is a perfect match for Girobaggers UB series, CA-9 clippers, or GiroPlus machines. Capible of 60 bags per min. based on a 3kg weight with 2 bidirectional exit belts.
PEG 14/120FD  
The Giro PEG-14FD is the soft fruit version of the Giro PEG-12. This static weigher a 14 scale static weigher specially designed to gently weigh and package delicate produce. Designed for the apple industry, it is also capable of running peaches, tomatoes, stone fruit, as well as citrus. Everything from the vibration lanes to the transfer conveyors utilizes soft coat brushes to gently move produce through the transitions without the worry of drops and damage.