High performace Weigher with Maximum Accuracy

Dynamic Weigher Exact 100

  • Maximum infeed performance: 15,870 lbs. / hour
  • Maximum accuracy in dosing fruit towards weighing carroussel
  • Maximum accuracy on load cells: 1g per bucket
  • Maximum discharge pace thanks to holding hopper system
  • Maximum lifespan and lowest cost of ownership
  • Hi-performance dynamic weigher with 100 weights per minute 500g
  • Ready to handle fruit from 40mm to 120mm diameter: Oranges, Clementines and Lemons
  • Dynamic weighing system with 4 channel revolving carroussel of 68 buckets (1,4kg load capacity each)
  • Weighing range: 250g to 5kg.
  • Layout versatility: 3x Girbagger + 2x Clippers o 4x Girbagger
  • Able to perform 2 target weights simultaneously
  • Count-to-target system with optical detection
  • Removable buckets one by one for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Connectable to GirControl Plus production monitoring software
  • Self diagnosis of buckets wrong alignment / positioning
  • Electronic optimization of weight measurement algorithm
  • Ships from Vidalia, GA

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