Ideal Weigher for Fruit Thanks to its Accuracy & Treatment

Dymanic Weigher PDG4

  • Dynamic weigher system with more number of buckets than a static weigher system
  • Big combinatorial capacity that ensures the utmost accuracy of the weighty
  • 3 different models for optimal weight such as oranges, mandarines, lemons, apples, avocados, kiwis, ...
  • Possibility to install 4 bagging machines
  • Exceptional product handling
  • Capable of weighing fruits between 40mm and 110mm diameter
  • Output up to 60 weights/min (45 in FD version)
  • Range of weights from 1.1 lbs. - 11 lbs.
  • Weight reading elecronically optimized
  • Graphic touch screen with easy to use menus
  • Connectable to GirControl Plus
  • Great accessibility allowing an easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ships from Vidalia, GA

Product Questions

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