The core of the machine is made up by a sturdy and reliable cam system in compliance with our manufacturing philosophy to create: Higher production capacity, Easier format changes, High feeder capacity (both single and double), Ergonomic and easy to use and maintain, Modern design.

Dimac Starwrap 3.0

  • B.I. Separation - Alternated separation system to create the required configuration. The system is composed of a metal conveyor mesh that guarantees the execution of the configuration required through a start/stop system. An upper pneumatic press stabilizes the product in the post-separation stage. Suitable for customers with many format changes thanks to its flexibility and precision. Adjustable through a panel an simple manual operations.
  • Carton Formation System - An alternated-progress compartment conveyor transfers the cartons to the next stage. The paired-up products and cartons are then transferred to the wrap-around area, where the Carton is folded around the product with an upward movement of the lift. The following stages are - folding of the inner flaps, distribution of the hot-melt glue, folding of the upper part and losing of the external flaps.
  • Carton Magazine - Adjustable Carton feeder with a 300 Carton capacity (1/10 inch thickness). Format change operations and all adjustments are facilitated by a wheel and indicator. The Carton is picked up from the feeder by an arm with suction caps equipped with vacuum generators and placed below the product.
  • Capacity/Speed (Packs Per Min): 30 PPMm
  • Format: Wraparound
  • Ships from Lawrenceville, GA

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