The Robot S6 is the most innovative portable semi-automatic stretch wrapper on the market.

Robot S6

  • The Robot S6 can be up and running in less than 30 minutes when installed by a certified Robopac dealer. It's easy to use thanks to our intuitive seven (7)-inch icon-driven color touchscreen. The portability alone can deliver 25% or more in productivity improvement. The Robopac USA pallet stretch wrapper is a GREAT solution for customers who have extremely large loads, as the Robot S6 can wrap loads of any length and width.
  • 25% productivity improvement in order picked warehouse applications with minimal impact to your current processes
  • Takes up very little floor space and you can move it out of the way when not in use
  • Production Speed: Up to 30 LPH
  • Cycle Expectancy: Up to 240 loads wrapped
  • Maximum Load Dimensions: Unlimited Length and Width, and 110" Height
  • Maximum Load Weight: Unlimited
  • Standard Film Width: 20" or 30
  • Film Carriage Speed and Positioning: Control on 9 Layers, with Manual Up/Down Jog Capability
  • Ships from Lawrenceville, GA

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