Ideal for processing, wet or cold operations.

Stainless Steel Rotoplat 708

  • The Rotoplat 708's patented roll carriage design combined with the ultimate flexibility of CUBE Technology allows you to wrap any load with any film with complete confidence. The Multi-Level Variable Containment is optimized at each level. Containment force is adjustable up to nine (9) times on each load.
  • CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% 55% over currently available competitive stretch wrapping systems. It will also improve your load containment and reduce potential product damage. This ensures that your product reaches your customer in "as-made" condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.
  • Production Speed: Up to 30 LPH
  • Turntable Speed: 5 12 RPM
  • Turntable Drive: 1 HP VAC
  • Turntable Size: 65" Diameter
  • Maximum Load Height: 110"
  • Maximum Load Weight: 4400 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Ships from Lawrenceville, GA

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